The latest Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys recording, Another Lost Highway:


Samples and where to buy the record coming soon!


Arty Hill, Arty Hill & the Long Gone Daddys:

  • Baltimore Reasons – 2003 (self-released)
  • Back on the Rail – 2005 (self-released)
  • Bar of Gold – 2008 (Cow Island Music)
  • Back on the Rail (reissue with bonus track) – 2009 (Cow Island Music)
  • Montgomery on My Mind: The Hank EP – 2009 (Cow Island Music)
  • Pie for Breakfast: Riffs, Roughs, and Radio – 2010 (self-released)
  • Another Lost Highway – 2010 (self-released)

Arty Hill Songs Covered by Other Artists:

  • “Waiting and Wanting” recorded by Lil’ Mo & the Monicats, included on “Whole Lotta Love” (2012)
  • “Mascara Tears” – recorded by Marti Brom. Included on “Not for Nothin” – 2010 (Goofin/Ripsaw) and “The Best of Ripsaw Records” – Vol. 1 – 2010 (PRQT))
  • “Beat on the Mountain” – recorded by Jason & the Scorchers. Included on “Halcyon Times” – 2010, and “Coal Country Music” – Various Artists – 2009 (Heartwood)
  • “Nashville Moon,” recorded by the Texas Sapphires. Included on “As He Wanders” – 2010 (26F Records)
  • “Drive That Fast,” recorded by Kenny and Amanda Smith Band. Included on “Live and Learn” – 2008 (Rebel Records)
  • “Driftin In” and “Bring out the Bible (We Ain’t Got A Prayer,” recorded by The Texas Sapphires. Included on “Valley So Steep” – 2006 (Lowe Farm Records)

Montgomery On My Mind; The Hank EP


You can buy the album online here:

A few mp3 samples:

The second full length Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys album, Bar Of Gold


You can buy the album online here:
Amazon, or www.cdbaby.com

A few mp3 samples:

The first full length Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys album, Back On The Rail


You can buy the album online here:

Hank and Audrey’s Corral, Emusic, Amazon, Apple iTunes Store, www.bathtubmusic.com, http://www.milesofmusic.com, or www.cdbaby.com/artyhill2

Arty’s solo record, Baltimore Reasons, is also available…


You can order the album online thru www.cdbaby.com/artyhill, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon